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Pilot Club of Palatka
President, Jane Hafner

Greetings Pilots:

It’s already June and my year as your president has come to a close.  It has been such a remarkable year for me and I have enjoyed every single minute of working with you incredible ladies. I am so looking forward to this next Pilot year as your president, working alongside Diane and Shannah, and the members of our club on the outstanding projects that we will be undertaking. We have only just begun!!!!

I would like to remind you all of several things as we close out this year:

  1. Bring individually wrapped baked goods for the Anchor Clubs fundraiser to St. Mark’s Parish Hall on  Friday, June 6th, between 11-noon.  Karen Clark, QI Anchor Sponsor, will receive these for the autism walk/run/family play day which will be held on June 8th at Coventry Oaks Farm.  Our Anchor clubs are cosponsoring a baked goods booth for the event.

  2. $150 dues need to be paid by June 30th. You may bring your money to the business meeting on June 13th or send to Shirley Dorsey or Brittany Goodson.  Both are in the Pilot members roster on our website. Thank you to those who have already paid.

  3. Pilot executive board meeting and business meeting following on June 13th.  This will definitely be a working meeting within our different project areas as we need to complete our Plan of Work forms for district and then formulate our budget through our budget committee.  Remember, we do have some funds now due to our successful Bunco fundraisers, so ask for what you need in your plan of work.

  4. Our Pilot installation dinner will be on June 20th, Parish Hall, $20.00 per person, Sunday casual dress. This is a time when we can show our spouses and friends what we do as a club and how fabulous we are as a team.  Please be sure to RSVP to Shirley Dorsey so that we can give our caterer a count by June 7th.  All incoming officers and appointees should definitely plan on attending as you will be installed.  I would love to see a great show out of our members.  Bring a guest if you feel inclined. The more the merrier.

I look forward to seeing you all at our next business meeting on Thursday, June 13th at noon. 

Please remember to read your blog for upcoming events and great articles provided by Susan Grandgeorge.

Yours in Pilot


Spotlight on Pilot

Carol White

Submitted by ~ Jane Hafner

This month’s spotlight is shining on our phenomenal member, Carol White. Since the day she joined Pilot, she has been present at almost every single event held by our Pilot Club, and always willing to take part in whatever project we are involved with. Our club elected her President after being a member for only a few years and we prospered under her leadership. Carol has attended almost all of the fall councils and the Florida District conventions since she joined, and has become great friends with Pilots within our district. Its so neat to see the other Pilots at councils and conventions, welcoming her with a hug as a longtime friend. Carol was even a tour guide for three of our own members when Pilot International Convention was held in her hometown of Rochester, New York.  She is the face of Pilot in our community and we are so thankful to have her representing us! Congratulations Carol.


Written by Susan Grandgeorge

Marcia Hall
May 2024

Pilot June 2 2024 Marcia Hall.jpg

Wanda Wilkinson April 2024

Nancy Phelps March 2024

Silhouette of Nancy and husband Michael on one of their weekly Rails to Trails path bike rides ~ combining her passion of riding while beautifying the environment by collecting discarded trash along the way! 

Pilot April 11 2024 P7.jpg

Brain Health Tips

by Susan Grandgeorge, FDN-P

Pilot Mar 6 2024 P2.jpg



Pilot April 13, 2024.jpg

Alzheimer's Disease ~ The Daughters' Story  In Memory of Arizona Pell Fitzstephens
April 27, 2017 Pilot Program Talk
by Lynda Fitzstephens
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